Rounds 9&10 were at Roebling Road. It is a very technical track with very low grip, making it very easy to over drive. The only good place to pass on the track is on turn one, but turns 7&8 are the most important because they lead to the front straight down to turn one. All weekend I was struggling in the last two corners. As qualifying rolled around I had some things I wanted to try, but was still lacking speed through turns 7&8.

In race 1 I started 4th and ran there the whole time. I was able to keep with the lead pack but wasn't able to gain any positions because I couldn't figure out the last corners. Going into race two my dad suggested raising the nose of my car up to help eliminate some of my oversteer on the corners - this seemed to help a lot. 

In Race 2 I started 4th and was able to go around the outside and out brake 2nd and 3rd in turn 1, passing them and almost claiming first. Unfortunately, as the race went on I still couldn't get a run to make a pass and I got passed by one car per lap. Though I was just as fast as any of my competitors, the most important section of the track was the only one that tripped me up. I was still able to claim two top fives -- continuing my streak of finishing in the top five every race this season.