Rounds 11&12 took us to Autobahn Country Club. I was doubling up so I had a total of 16 sessions that weekend. Going into the weekend I really studied the track, as it is a very technical and I wanted to be prepared. In practice 1 I finished the session in P1. In practice 2 I finished the session in P2. This was a great start to the weekend.

In race 1 I started p4 and was battling with an aggressive driver and he almost came down on my nose multiple times. When he finally did come down on my nose, it was on a corner that I wasn't expecting and spun me around -- I ended up finishing 7th.

In Race 2 I started 3rd and ran there the whole race, finishing in 3rd. I started 5th in Race 3 due to the bad race lap time in Race 1. In this race the top six couldn't be separated. I was sitting sixth just waiting to make my move. I didn't want to get in the thick of things as the overly aggressive driver was causing drama ahead. With 5 laps to go the aggressive driver collided with 1st, causing both of them to spin. This also caused 4th place to spin as he was trying to avoid them. It was a crazy lap, but a very nice Scooby snack coming home in 3rd again.

In race 4 I decided to switch cars because I had been in the same car for the whole weekend. Looking back on it, I should have changed cars a lot earlier as I didn't realize how bad my car was set up. In the final race I started 3rd again and drove my way to the front. I passed 2nd then had a 5 second gap to the leader. In 6 laps I got closer and closer utill I was right along his gearbox when his motor let go. I took the lead but still had 2nd right on my tail. With 7 laps to go I was able to hold him off and score the race win -- finally getting back on the top step of the podium.