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PR. I was invited by ANSA Motorsports to run the FARA 3 hour event in Homestead Miami on May 25-26 and would be sharing the car with my teammate, Tim George.  Preparing for this weekend was different than an IMSA Prototype Challenge event, there was less pressure so I was able to relax and focus on my driving while taking the race seriously.  Over the last two years my seat time has been limited as I’ve only done 2 races in the past year and 3 the year before.  Thanks to ANSA, this would be a great development weekend, allowing me to really focus on the things that tend to limit me during an IMSA weekend.

Overall the weekend was amazing. On Saturday, the first session was qualifying and I put the car 3rd on the grid. My teammate Tim George drove in the first sprint race of the weekend but the race did not go his way, resulting in him finishing 18th. This meant we would start 18th for the second sprint race. Since it was an hour long, I started the race and Tim finished. I was very pleased with my pace, moving from 18th to 1st. Unfortunately a yellow came out which required Tim to make a pit stop, but he was able to hold on and finish 3rd in class.

On Sunday we had a 3 hour endurance race, and that was the one that really counted. Our strategy was based on us starting in 3rd place, I would start the race, Tim would drive the second stint and I would finish. My first stint was great – I took a 20 second lead and set the fastest lap of the weekend. During the second stint Tim kept the momentum and stayed in the top 3. When I got back in the car I was in second and closely chasing the leader but because of an unfortunate caution, the leader was able to make a free pit stop which put them an entire lap ahead.  It was very disappointing, we had the pace to win but that’s how racing goes sometimes.


Ultimately, the weekend was a blast and I can’t thank ANSA Motorsports enough for having me.  Although we didn’t get the win I’m very pleased with my driving, setting the fastest lap of the weekend and not putting a wheel wrong the entire time.  It was a very positive experience and has given me a huge confidence boost that will benefit me as I prepare for Mosport!

Thank you again to ANSA Motorsports for having me and to all my supporters!