PR. After testing the previous week, we returned to Virginia International Raceway for the IMSA Prototype Challenge weekend with optimism. During the test days we focused on car setup and adjustments that were needed after Barber.

For the practice session, I focused on the setup and becoming comfortable with the setup and adjustments. Switching to sticker set to scrub in a few laps, I was able to get another 4/10th of good qualifying time and felt confident about the race.

Saturday's forecast showed a possibility of rain. About 70% of races were dry but it still made for inconsistent track conditions. Max started with a dry setup and had a good stint. He was battling for 3rd when the rain started, causing everyone to come in and change to a wet setup.


As I went out for my stint, nerves were high not just from the rain but also from the possibility of a podium if conditions stayed consistent. The car felt good and I was finding speed and confidence until the windshield wipers malfunctioned, smearing rubber across the glass. During this time there was a caution but when the flag came back out, there was no class split - to pass after this would be difficult in good conditions. As the rubber started to build up, left-hand turns became blind turns. Even though there was visibility for right-hand turns, it was critical that I needed to utilize my muscle memory of the track and adjust my focus to stay safe.

While we didn't get the podium we were hoping for, our sister car finished in first place. Ultimately, it was a solid and productive weekend and gained some great experience from all the various conditions.

Next Up... We're still working to obtain sponsorship so we can finish the season at Road Atlanta in the 21st Annual Petit Le Mans.